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Autor: Steven C. Roberts
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Football Financial Planning

Using the Gridiron to Understand, Insurance, Investments, and Banking.
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Football Financial Planning is a fun way for people to look at financial planning and the products that go with it by relating them to the game of football. To just talk about insurance or investments can sometimes be confusing and hard to understand. But when you relate how those products function like a player on a football team, suddenly planning for one’s financial future becomes exciting and fun.
The book is divided into three sections aligning with the three phases of the game: offense, defense, and special teams. Part Three also deals with other aspects of the game such as coaching, turnovers, and different philosophies and systems that coaches use to put a game plan together. At the end of each chapter that discusses a player, you will be able to evaluate your current player. At the end of the book, you will put your team together to get a visual of what your team looks like.

A few highlights of what readers will learn are: 
Which financial products are essential to a strong defense 
How to pick the right players for your financial team 
Which types of insurance are best for your situation 
Investing strategies and winning philosophies 
The pluses and minuses of stocks, mutual funds, and annuities 
Why Steve calls the wide receiver the greatest player of all time 

For football fans financial planning will come to life because this book will speak their language. For the curious or uneducated football fan they will come away understanding football better, along with the strategies and products that make up a financial team.
Introduction: Understanding Your Defense, Offense, and Special Teams
Chapter 1: Defensive Tackle: Auto Insurance
Chapter 2: Defensive Tackle: Homeowners' or Renters' Insurance
Chapter 3: Defensive End: Health Insurance
Chapter 4: Defensive End: Disability Insurance
Chapter 5: Defensive End: Long-Term Care Insurance
Chapter 6: Middle Linebacker: Whole Life Insurance
Chapter 7: Outside Linebacker: Universal Life Insurance
Chapter 8: Outside Linebacker: Term Life Insurance
Chapter 9: Strong Safety: Index Universal Life Insurance
Chapter 10: Cornerback: Variable Universal Life Insurance
Chapter 11: Cornerback: Variable Annuity
Chapter 12: Free Safety: Umbrella Policy
Chapter 13: Defense Synopses
Chapter 14: Center: Your Checking Account
Chapter 15: Guards: Savings Account, Money Market Account, and Money Market Fund
Chapter 16: Left Tackle: Certificate of Deposit (CDs)
Chapter 17: Right Tackle: Fixed Annuity
Chapter 18: Tight End: Fixed Index Annuity
Chapter 19: Tight End: Bonds
Chapter 20: Running Back: Mutual Funds
Chapter 21: Wide Receiver: Stocks
Chapter 22: Slot Receivers: ETFs
Chapter 23: Owner and Quarterback: You
Chapter 24: Coaches: Financial Advisors
Chapter 25: Special Teams: Retirement Plans and Other Products
Chapter 26: Turnovers: Unnecessary Taxes, Expenses, and Fees
Chapter 27: Systems and Philosophy
Chapter 28: The Draft
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Autor: Steven C. Roberts
ISBN-13 :: 9781483554846
ISBN: 1483554848
Verlag: Football Financial Planning, LLC
Seiten: 256
Sprache: Englisch
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