Animal Eco-Warriors
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Animal Eco-Warriors

Humans and Animals Working Together to Protect Our Planet
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Nic Gill
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Meet the super dogs, hero rats and cyborg bees keeping our environment safe.

Come on an action-packed adventure with an amazing mob of animal eco-warriors as they use their special talents to help solve our planet’s environmental problems!

From the nosy noses of biosecurity beagles at airports to rats learning to sniff out landmines in war-torn landscapes, animals are using their unique abilities to help make the world a better and safer place. With fantastic colour photos of animal eco-warriors at work, this book is full of fun facts on how animals are helping humanity work towards a more sustainable future. There are also plenty of tips on how you can make a difference to the planet. Join the animal eco-warrior team today!

This book is ideal for teachers and librarians looking for locally relevant, teachable materials addressing environment and sustainability issues, as well as for children and their families with an interest in animals and science.

Reading level varies from child to child, but we recommend this book for ages 8-14.

Notable Book, The CBCA Eve Pownall Award for Information Books 2018

Recipient of a 2017 Froggatt Award for Communication


Section 1: Alert but not alarmed – Border patrol and sentinel animals, working to keep out pests and diseases
1. Noses on legs – On the beat with the cheeky quarantine beagles of Hobart Airport
2. The ants go marching – Welsh spaniel Rhys Jones sniffs out Argentine ants in New Zealand’s Treasured Islands
3. Eternally vigilant – Tama the terrier works to keep Antarctica and its islands rodent free

Section 2: Trackers and scouts – animals who sniff out trouble
4. Three noses are better than one – the detection dog team working to track down foxes on Phillip Island
5. Cat dog! Clay the terrier and the invisible cat of Tasman Island
6. Botanist puppies of the Mount Kosciusko National Park – going where no Australian detection dog has gone before!
7. Blossom: hero-rat – healing landscapes scarred by landmines

Section 3: Eating the enemy – animals who make a meal out of environmental problems
8. When greed is good – Eco Goats use their super-stomachs to make a meal of environmental weeds
9. An acquired taste – how understanding cow cultures can help protect rangeland ecosystems
10. Putting back the pieces – in welcoming sugar gliders back to the land, a Bega farmer is also protecting his trees and pastures
11. Micro-wasps vs. yellow crazy ants – can these tiny insects save an entire island ecosystem from collapse?

Section 4: To serve and protect – animal eco-warriors standing up for native animals and ecosystems
12. Maya, koala habitat detection dog – proving the science of detection dog work, one poo at a time!
13. Rein – threatened species detection dog, and the rarest kiwis of them all
14. Guardian dogs to the rescue! – How some big fluffy white dogs are saving the small fluffy penguins of Middle Island

Section 5: Researchers, educators, diplomats and activists – animals working to inform and inspire humanity in the quest to save our shared environments
15. Beneath the ice – Elephant seals go deep to help scientists track our changing climate
16. The Internet of Stings – An international network of cyborg bees, helping scientists decode environmental change
17. Sirocco the Kakapo, V.I.P. – Very Important Parrot, social media superstar and ambassador for his species


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