Australian Island Arks
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Australian Island Arks

Conservation, Management and Opportunities
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Dorian Moro
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Explore the ecology, conservation challenges and restoration approaches of Australia's islands.

Australia is the custodian of a diverse range of continental and oceanic islands. From Heard and Macquarie in the sub-Antarctic, to temperate Lord Howe and Norfolk, to the tropical Cocos (Keeling) Islands and the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, Australia’s islands contain some of the nation’s most iconic fauna, flora and ecosystems. They are a refuge for over 35% of Australia’s threatened species and for many others declining on mainland Australia. They also have significant cultural value, especially for Indigenous communities, and economic value as centres for tourism.

Australian Island Arks presents a compelling case for restoring and managing islands to conserve our natural heritage. With contributions from island practitioners, researchers and policy-makers, it reviews current island management practices and discusses the need and options for future conservation work. Chapters focus on the management of invasive species, threatened species recovery, conservation planning, Indigenous cultural values and partnerships, tourism enterprises, visitor management, and policy and legislature. Case studies show how island restoration and conservation approaches are working in Australia and what the emerging themes are for the future.

Australian Island Arks will help island communities, managers, visitors and decision-makers to understand the current status of Australia’s islands, their management challenges, and the opportunities that exist to make best use of these iconic landscapes.

List of contributors
1 Introduction: Australia’s island arks
2 Values of islands across Australia’s states and territories
3 Enhancing island conservation outcomes: the policy and legal context, need, and options
4 The 4Cs approach to island management
5 What’s next on the list? Prioritising management actions on Australia’s islands
6 Island pest management
7 Australian islands as ‘arks’ for biodiversity
8 Indigenous Protected Areas and islands
9 Integrating resource development with island conservation: Barrow Island as a model for conservation and development
10 Australia’s World Heritage islands
11 The interplay between tourism and conservation on islands
12 Partnerships for island conservation: it’s all about people
13 Value of islands for the marine environment
14 Ecological restoration on New Zealand islands: a history of shifting scales and paradigms
15 Managing islands in the context of climate change
16 Australian islands: current thinking, emerging themes and a way forward to manage these offshore assets

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