Australian Bryozoa Volume 2
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Australian Bryozoa Volume 2

Taxonomy of Australian Families
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Patricia L. Cook
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The second of two volumes describing Australia's 1200 known species of bryozoans.

Bryozoans are aquatic animals that form colonies of connected individuals. They take a variety of forms: some are bushy and moss-like, some are flat and encrusting and others resemble lace. Bryozoans are mostly marine, with species found in all oceans from sublittoral to abyssal depths, but freshwater species also exist. Some bryozoans are of concern as marine-fouling organisms and invasive species, while others show promise as sources of anticancer, antiviral and antifouling substances.

Written by experts in the field, Australian Bryozoa Volume 2: Taxonomy of Australian Families is the second of two volumes describing Australia’s 1200 known species of bryozoans, the richest diversity of bryozoans of any country in the world. It contains detailed taxonomic data and illustrated family-level treatments, which can be used to identify specimens. It provides an authoritative reference for biology students, academics and others interested in marine biology.

Joint Recipient, 2019 Whitley Awards Certificate of Commendation: Biological Resource

List of authors

1: Class Stenolaemata, Order Cyclostomata
Philip E. Bock, Paul D. Taylor, Peter J. Hayward and Dennis P. Gordon

2: Class Gymnolaemata, Order Ctenostomata
Patricia L. Cook, Philip E. Bock and Dennis P. Gordon

3: Class Gymnolaemata, Order Cheilostomata
Patricia L. Cook, Philip E. Bock, Peter J. Hayward and Dennis P. Gordon

4: Class Phylactolaemata
Timothy S. Wood


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