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Cross-Sectional Imaging of the Abdomen and Pelvis

A Practical Algorithmic Approach
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This book offers concise descriptions of cross-sectional imaging studies of the abdomen and pelvis, supplemented with over 1100 high-quality images and discussion of state-of-the-art techniques. It is based on the most common clinical cases encountered in daily practice and uses an algorithmic approach to help radiologists arrive first at a working differential diagnosis and then reach an accurate diagnosis based on imaging features, which incorporate clinical, laboratory, and other underlying contexts.The book is organized by anatomical organ of origin and each chapter provides a brief anatomical background of the organ under review; explores various cross-sectional imaging techniques and common pathologies; and presents practical algorithms based on frequently encountered imaging features. Special emphasis is placed on the role of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In addition to algorithmic coverage of many pathological entities in various abdominopelvic organs, unique topics are also examined, such as imaging of organ transplant (including kidney, liver and pancreas), evaluation of perianal fistula, and assessment of rectal carcinoma and prostate carcinoma by MRI. Cross-Sectional Imaging of the Abdomen and Pelvis: A Practical Algorithmic Approach is a unique and practical resource for radiologists, fellows, and residents.
Chapter 1: Overview of CT and MRI Techniques for Evaluation of the Liver               Tara Sagebiel and Janio SzkarlukChapter 2: Diagnostic Approach of Focal and Diffuse Hepatic Diseases               Ehab Hassan A. Youssef, Richard L. Baron, and Khaled M. Elsayes Chapter 3: Cirrhosis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma               Ravinder S. Legha, Khaled M. Elsayes, and Hero K. HussainChapter 4: Post-Locoregional Therapy Imaging of the Liver               Nasir Siddiqui, Hüseyin Gürkar Töre, and Vahid YaghmaiChapter 5: The Biliary Tree               Nicolaus A. Wagner-Bartak, Anand M. Prabhakar, Christine O. Menias,  Hima B. Prabhakar, and Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 6: The Gall Bladder               Nicolaus A. Wagner-Bartak, Shalini Vicky Mukhi, Christine O. Menias, Anand Prabhakar, and Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 7: The Pancreas               Anil Chauhan, Khaled M. Elsayes, Tara Sagebiel, and Priya R. BhosaleChapter 8: Cross Sectional Imaging of the Spleen               Stuart Bentley-Hibbert, Ahmed Abdelbaki, and Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 9: The Stomach               Eduardo J. Matta, Joel F. Platt, Yehia M. ElGuindy, and Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 10: The Small Bowel               Karthik Ganesan, Ajaykumar C. Morani, Joel F. Platt, Senta Berggruen, and Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 11: Overview of CT Colonoscopy               Dhakshina Moorthy Ganeshan, Khaled M. Elsayes, and David J. ViningChapter 12: Approach to Colon Pathologies               Devaraju Kanmaniraja, Courtney Coursey Moreno, Ricardo D. Moreno, and Shetal ShahChapter 13: The Appendix               Devaraju Kanmaniraja, Courtney Coursey Moreno, Ricardo D. Moreno, and Shetal ShahChapter 14: MRI Evaluation of Rectal Carcinoma               Dhakshina Moothy Ganeshan, Harmeet Kaur, Randy D. Ernst, and Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 15: MRI for Perianal Fistula               Damian J. M. Tolan, Adam Culverwell, and Rachel HylandChapter 16: The Peritoneum               Ott Le and Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 17: The Extraperitoneal Spaces               Ayman H. Gaballah, Akram M. Shaaban, Yehia M. ElGuindy, and Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 18: Cross Sectional Imaging of the Abdominal Wall               Juan C. Camacho, Ahmed M. Amer, and Diego A. AguirreChapter 19: Cross Sectional Imaging of the Adrenal Gland               Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 20: Prostate Imaging               Juan J. Ibarra-Rovira, Michael R. Da Rosa, and Masoom A. HaiderChapter 21: The Urinary Tract: Renal Collecting Systems, Ureters, and Urinary Bladder               Keith P. Tomich, Mohammad K. Eldomery, and Sherif G. NourChapter 22: Imaging of Liver Transplant               Mohamed K. Asran, Yassine Kanaan, Ajit H. Goenka, and Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 23: Imaging of Kidney Transplant               Eduardo J. Matta, Christine O. Menias, Kareem Ahmed, and Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 24: Imaging of Pancreas Transplant               Jonathan R. Dillman and Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 25: Cross Sectional Imaging of the Kidney               Haytham M. Shebel, Haitham Elsamaloty, Mohammed S. Al-Natour and Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 26: The Scrotum               Sandeep P. Deshmukh, Shiva Gupta, and Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 27: Cross Sectional Imaging of the Uterus               Karthik Ganesan, Ajaykumar C. Morani, Leonardo P. Marcal, Priya R. Bhosale, and Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 28: The Adnexa               Ashish P. Wasnik, Christine O. Menias, Priya R. Bhosale, and Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 29: The Vagina               Kathleen Ruchalski, Steven Raman, and Khaled M. ElsayesChapter 30: Cross Sectional Imaging of the Female Urethra               Laura Elizabeth Rueff, Vinika Chaudhari, Maitraya K. Patel, and Steven RamanChapter 31: Dual Energy CT and Its Applications in the Abdomen            Courtney Coursey Moreno

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Autor: Khaled M. Elsayes
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