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A French Princess in Versailles

(#3, The French Girl Series)
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A French Princess in Versailles is Book 3 of the French Girl series. Book 1 is currently FREE!

Determined to escape a failed pop career and focus on her classical training, Maude Laurent moves back to France and enrolls at the prestigious National Academy of Arts. 

Between balls, concerts, and navigating in the French elite, Maude has to prove she’s cut out to become a professional opera singer in a world where pop music is regarded with disdain. Though she fights it, her past catches up with her when she meets an English teacher who takes her down an unusual musical journey where the risk is great and the reward uncertain and forces her to see a world beyond the safety of the Academy. When a chain of events brings her and Matt back in the same town, Maude will learn that music can bring people closer or tear them apart forever.

The French Girl series has sold over 40,000 copies. Join thousands of other readers who follow and love Maude Laurent's adventures!

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