From My Mayan Roots:
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From My Mayan Roots:

Venancio and Other Stories
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Eugenia Hernández Pacheco
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From My Mayan Roots: Venancio and Other Stories is a book that describes (in a simple and typical manner) the anthropological essence of the men and women from the Yucatan Peninsula during the beginning of the twentieth century.
The behaviors that developed during colonial times show us the warmth, timidity, and strength of the culture, which is mirrored within My Mayan Roots. Their beliefs and superstitions were intertwined in the daily activities of an inevitable destiny from which nothing can be done and were culturally forced to accept.

From My Mayan Roots: Venancio and Other Stories is a winner of the Juan Domingo Arguelles prize and is part of the collection Letras del Cari Mexicano (Letters of the Mexican Caribbean), and it was edited for the first time by the Government of Quintana Roo and the National Advisory for Culture and the Arts (CONACULTA) Mexico in 2011.

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