Searching for Paradise
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Searching for Paradise

An Unexpected Event Will Mark out a Family’S Destiny. a Story That Takes Place in Modern-Day Mexico.
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Sara Aceves Giacinti
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Searching for Paradise is a novel that has been inspired by the thinking of Eduardo Galeano: Our courage is born of our fears, and our certainties of our doubts. Dreams point to another possible reality, madness to another kind of reason. We discover things in the place or places where we become lost; one has to become lost to find her- or himself again.
It is a story about the creation of large biotechnology plants in Mexico, and about Eva, a young, single woman from a provincial town who manages to become the owner of such a business. She searches for love from her partner, the father of two of her children. She is forced to suffer because of the nasty behavior and selfishness of what is supposed to be her family; also because of an opportunistic society.

Eva founds, in the small city of Aguaclara, the first plant of its type, with its research labs and creation of patents. It becomes the first Mexican business to become registered in 50 years.

During her earlier years, Eva turns to one of her uncles who has an export assembly plant. There, she learns about entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, clothing plants, like all Mexican export products plants, begin to feel the effects of investors going to China, after they stop investing in Mexican business ventures.

Eva finds that she is forced to work as an employee at one of her uncles plants, and later on, at her fathers construction company. Five years later, when she is only 21 and divorced, and has a three-year old son, she meets the man who will become her partner, Juan Blanco, and falls in love with him. The birth of a new business era, and a love story between two people from different social classes, makes Searching for Paradise a great classic.

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