Dreaming Hooves
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Dreaming Hooves

Soñando Con Pezuñas
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Ana Paola Alba Amador
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Dreaming Hooves is a short story about a young boy named Tony Watson and a horse he decides to call Infinity. What starts as a noble gesture by Tony to help the injured horse evolves into a lifelong friendship. But this friendship is not without trials and tribulation. The plot twists and turns as Tony tries to keep Infinity safe from greedy businessmen and the betrayal of a confidant. Will Tony reunite with his friend? Will justice be served? Is there a happy ending in store for Tony and Infinity? In her third book, the precocious young author Ana Paola Alba visits the themes of perseverance, determination, and friendship. Through Tony and Infinitys inspirational story, she reminds all of us to never give up (Mr. Mark Christopher Dunn, JFK elementary school principal).

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