Spiritual Gardening
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Spiritual Gardening

Cultivating the Path to Your Inner Journey
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Caroline A. Baez
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What do we all seek? We seek happiness. Many believe that happiness eludes them, and this is the cause of much suffering. What if you were to discover that the key to happiness resides within you, where it has always been? What if youve been seeking in the opposite direction for a key that has always been in your possession, a key that will release you from a prison of shadows and suffering, allowing you to finally bask in the light of inner wisdom and freedom?The solution lies in returning to the root of oneself by rediscovering the inner wisdom that abides in each of us. Our society, our culture, and the frenzied world in which we live confront us with daily stimuli and external signals of who we are or should be, of what we should prioritize or value, and of what our aspirations and successes should model or resemble. Hypnotized by a world of illusions, we live a reality of half-truthan ephemeral world of impermanent pleasures that disintegrate like the ethereal beauty of delicate snowflakes cascading onto the sea.
Guiding our focus inwardly to our silent inner space, we reconnect with the inner master residing in the blooming garden of our True Self. Embarking on this intimate journey and cultivating this inner path daily, we find refuge in our expansive inner space where we discover the gateway to freedom from suffering and the light of true happiness. The intention of this work is to guide readers to their own inner journey, to intimate reflection, and to daily cultivation of all that they desire will blossom in their own lives, thereby denominating this book and this practice, Spiritual Gardening.

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