Expressing Poetry Through Life Experience
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Expressing Poetry Through Life Experience

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Evang. Rachel Mouzon Oddman
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Expressing Poetry Through Life Experience is truly amazing. It is written to inspire all those who are facing the day-to-day lifes difficulties. My life experiences have many ups and downs, heart aches, and even pain. Furthermore, lost of love ones, trials, adversities, and also tribulations are testing me too. Please hold on to your goals and dreams. It was Gods grace and mercy that brought me through. What is your role here on earth? You might have asked that same question as I have while Im here to hold you. Did you know that there are many books inside of you!
Just start by writing about each experience you may have come across. Write it down. For starters, put it on a paper. Thats how I began writing poetrythrough those obstacles that were in my way.

By expressing poetry through my lifes experiences, Ive learned to love poetry. Also, it can soothe and calm us through our troubled times. While tempers are raging through it all, you can make it through. This encouragement will carry on a sense of faith, peace, joy, hope, love, and praises on high.

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