Once Saved, Always Saved?
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Once Saved, Always Saved?

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Vicente Rangel
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Once saved, always saved? Many Christians believe that you cant lose your salvation, while another group believes that there is a possibility that it can be lost. In the evangelic groups, this topic has cause a lot of controversy. But above all things, the most important is what the Bible says because it is Gods Holy Word. But if all of these groups quote the scriptures to prove the truth, who should we believe then? Pastor Vicente Rangel explains this topic with clarity, quoting the scriptures that both of these groups support. He also explains how through the years, the scriptures of the Bible that are related to this topic have been wrongly interpreted not because of their ignorance but because of their disbelief. They have ignored the warnings and conditions that God gave us through his Holy Bible. He wrote them to call our attention; but nowadays, many Christians have made freedom in Christ, living a sinful and immoral life, abusing the goodness of God, and believing that we can live our lives however we want to without losing our salvation.

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