Wet Grass
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Wet Grass

Sofort lieferbar | Lieferzeit: Sofort lieferbar I
Francisco Javier Morales E.
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Faced with the possibility of death, the most unexpected anecdotes of life return to visit Javier in the form of memories and dreamlike hallucinationsexistential crises, frustrated love stories, family encounters, and friendships. Everything is mixed together to weave a story that narrates the stay of the protagonist in a hospital in Mexico City while he fights to overcome pneumonia. In each chapter, the love that one lives from different namesMaria, Josefina, Lorena, and Victoriaand bodies keeps Javiers memory in a limbo of painkillers and exhaustion by his illness, seeking to hold once again the hand that returns the wish to live. In the end, only the wet grass will suffice to flood, with lucidity and life, the body reflected in the external window of that hospital that harbored his dreams.

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