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Hell Calling Ii

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This is the ending of HELL CALLING, the bestseller that was made into a film by director Luis Endera, and which has fascinated thousands of readers around the world. Find out what happened to Carlos, Laura, Elena and Father Salas. Enter this new adventure, full of surprises, where nothing is what it appears to be. Elena and Father Salas will join forces to save Carlos's soul, but while attempting this, they discover a frightening truth. A FASCINATING ADVENTURE, CHARGED WITH SUSPENSE AND THRILLS. Elena must use all her knowledge and has to seek out the help of her colleagues who are also into the paranormal. Meanwhile, Father Salas will have to face his own demons once again and risk being possessed by an evil spirit that has been trying to take his soul for years. Only his extensive experience as an exorcist, and his unfaltering faith in God can save him from eternal condemnation. Excitement, investigation, mystery, surprises and many terrifying moments... The unexpected ending of a story that has already seduced readers worldwide. DISCOVER THE ENDING OF A BESTSELLER THAT WAS ADAPTED FOR CINEMA.

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