Under the Stars
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Under the Stars

Book 1
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Vicki Senz
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The poetry is about lost love, heartbreak, and the difficulties that are faced day to day. It is full of hope, encouragement, and courage to face life even against the hardest decisions that life can give you. It can be a sentence or even just one word that can change a persons perspective at a time that they are facing a difficult period in their life. Giving another person some comfort even through words can change anyone. If a phrase gives another hope and to continue on, then writing these poems is worth the time. Poetry has a way of getting through to even the strong; your emotions and feelings are ripped open, and you find that you cant help but think about that one poem and how much it can help you understand all the beauty that is around. This world that we live in can be cruel and unforgiving, but if we can see the words in poetry, then we can feel them also.

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