From the Beginning
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From the Beginning

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Erica Carter
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A long time ago, the sun, stars, ocean, mountains, and everything elseeven timedid not exist.
So how did everything come from nothing?

The straightforward, scientific explanations in this wonderful little book will help you answer that question, which may come from the youngsters in your life or that you may even ask yourself. Get the answers to questions such as:

How did the Big Bang create protons, neutrons, and electronsand how did those combine to form atoms?
Why didnt the early galaxies have planets?
What is so special about the Milky Way?
How is all life on Earth related?
What are the twenty-five elements found in life forms?

Youll also learn about the first primitive forms of life on Earth, how the human race developed and evolved, what fossils and bones tell us about our past, and how climate change has affected the human race throughout time.

While you wont learn about all the magical wonders in the world, you will learn what happened From The Beginning.

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