The Glass Ship
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The Glass Ship

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Martin Simons
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Peter Markham is a schoolteacher who has been abandoned by his female partner because she, rightly, considers him dull.
He tries to change himself, seeking adventure by joining a course at a gliding club. Disappointed, he leaves the airfield in anger when a wild teenage girl forces him to stop, begging for help in retrieving her older stepsister, Julia, who has landed her glider in a hayfield a hundred kilometres away.

He allows himself to be manipulated by Mitch, the younger girl, calling her a cunning little minx. Reluctantly, he does as she asks.

This is the beginning of a series of life-changing experiences for him. Instructed by the older sister, he learns to fly, finds himself in love with the sport and with young Mitch, while confronting serious problems with Julia.

Tragedy intervenes, but happier prospects emerge.

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