Every Nook & Cranny: a World Travel Guide
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Every Nook & Cranny: a World Travel Guide

Book 1
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Faye Day
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Every Nook and Cranny is a first in a series of autobiographical travel guides touching on every continent, most countries and hundreds of islands.
Travel with the author through steamy jungles and bird-filled tropical rainforest to scorching deserts and the wilderness of Arctic regions; from Stone Age tribes to the sophistication of the worlds most modern cities. Explore the ancient civilisations and participate in amazing wildlife encounters.

The authors personal experiences are related together with some historical fact, many interesting stories, adventurous episodes and several amusing anecdotes. In depth descriptive passages are illustrated with hundreds of photographs which will enable readers to visualise and fully appreciate the text.

The best of every destination is revealed, along with suggestions on how to approach them.

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