Mindful Wellness
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Mindful Wellness

Being Happy
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Carolyn Farrugia
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Falling ill to depression has given me firsthand experience into the world of mental illness. My first book, Mindful Wellness: The Happiest Place in the World came about through my work with people diagnosed with a mental illness. There was some missing link in their development. The research I discovered unveiled a length of time between onset of illness, diagnosis, treatment, and finally, management or maintenance. The missing links were obvious to some but not so to others, who waited years for a correct diagnosis and then more years to come for the correct treatment and waiting for the side effects of medication to lessen. I started writing this next chapter of Mindful Wellness and got the name for this new book from my son Corey, who suggested I call it Being Happy. This book became my main focus for treatment along with medication and a balanced lifestyle. I asked myself, had I been ill with this for some time, was I not receiving the correct treatment? Luckily for me, I wasnt missing too many links in my development. However, this illness did knock me for six. When you become almost demonised with such an alienating, fearful illness, you see no way out. All that you have learnt has disappeared, and you struggle to get back to a reality that used to work for you. I am hoping that this book, Mindful Wellness: Being Happy, rewards you as much as the journey has rewarded me. I take my hat off to all who suffer and pray that one day you will be healed from yourself and live a life of mindful wellness, being happy.

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