Subtle Moments
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Subtle Moments

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Vinay Benjamin
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Thoughts skid to a halt when the psyche reaches its innermost sanctums and the entire mind seems to become an extension of the infinite. The realization that we are boundless and much more than the physique is sobering and yet so true.
The inner journey into the realms of our being is an epiphany that transforms and transports us into awareness of the goodness of human nature, and its intrinsic capacity to tame pain, disappointments, and challenges that destiny confronts us with without exception. Circumstances and pursuits that seem to occupy us otherwise are a deviation from the higher purpose of love and empathy that has kept us together as a species with the immense potential to reach nobility. These inner realms of absolute tranquility are sanctuaries and the source that has been tapped over and over through generations to enrich the world with unique expressions in poetry and literature.

As a race mankind is invincibleabove pain, above pleasure, above all vagaries of time. The verse here acknowledges every human being in this world. Being is all that is.

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