What Planet Are You From?
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What Planet Are You From?

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Kenneth M. Hood (Boomer)
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Who is Boomer? Good question! Boomer is not quite your average Aussie Lariken; he is somebody that you would least expect to have the qualifications that he has and, in a lot of cases, you would wish he didnt have. So to burn a mental picture into your brain that you will never forget so that you can understand Boomer a little easier, imagine a shaved gorilla with his knuckles dragging along the ground and a wide toothless grin, the occasional drop of saliva dangling from the side of his mouth, broad shoulders, two axe handles across, and a massive scar on the back of his head as if hed been whacked in the back of the head with an axe. Now give him all the qualifications he shouldnt really havee.g. military, explosives, martial arts, security, sniper, bodyguard, weapons specialist, survivalist, scout leader, chef (knives), tree logger (chainsaws), brickie (cement shoes, and bitten, stung, poisoned, and attacked by just about every lethal thing on the planet!

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