Accountants’ New World
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Accountants’ New World

The Essential Guide to Being a Valued Business Partner
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Malcolm Simister
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All accountants, whether in commerce, industry, government, the not-for-profit sector or the accounting profession, must change significantly to remain relevant by becoming commercial, value adding business partners. This book shows how.Accountants' worlds are changing fast, so much so that in a few years' time accountants as we know them today may not even exist, for two reasons. Firstly, accountancy often tops the list of professions facing automation; it is likely that computers rather than accountants will count the beans in the near future. Secondly and fortuitously, to help them thrive businesses need their accountants to work closely with business managers to improve commercial outcomes, to transform into valued business partners.
But to be valued business partners, accountants must change and upskill. They must build on their accounting and financial expertise to thoroughly understand their business and industry, develop and use their commercial acumen to identify and implement business initiatives, learn how to analyse and communicate proactively and quickly and know how to partner with business managers at all levels competently.
For those accountants who make this transformation the future is bright with fulfilling and stimulating carers awaiting them, but the future for those who don't is bleak.
This book is a practical guide for accountants to transform themselves into valued business partners. It is essential reading for all accountants.

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