The Iceman
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The Iceman

Book 2 of the Procurator Fiscal Series
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Viktoria King
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With Marcus and Grace helping close the bodies in the barrels case, Detective Superintendent Declan Macdonald offers Grace continuing development in the detective ranks, but her declaration of interest in Marcus sees her teamed up with Detective Adam McAddam and front line on the sexual assault and torture pack investigation.
Lieb, the Iceman, tries to hold it all together as more pieces of the puzzle come before him. The next piece, a photo, a Polaroid singed around the edges and curled from heat but with the majority of the image unharmed and very clear: a beautiful sky-blue yacht. His Roses left breast was the canvas, and she had intended for him to find it when he unwrapped her after her time with sister Heather, his birthday gift. He makes a vow to himself, he will catch these monstersand woe betide them.

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