The Sat Pack
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The Sat Pack

Book 3 of the Procurator Fiscal Series
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Viktoria King
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Dundee is situated beside a broad estuary of the River Tay surrounded by hills and farmland. The Tay road and rail bridges over the estuary provide a striking introduction to the city: you round a bend, and suddenly, the city is spread out before you in a wide panorama.
The city is dominated by the basalt plug of an extinct volcano called Dundee Law. If you climb the 571 feet, you will be rewarded with fantastic views of the city and its surroundings.

Dundee is south-facing and is Scotland's sunniest city. The climate is mild, and snowfalls are rare.

The SAT-Pack (Sexual Attack and Torture Pack) continue to strike in Dundee, and Liebs role keeps him in the thick of it. Marcus and Graces personal arrangement sees her partnered with Senior Inspector Adam McAdam as the detectives involved on the case.

But this pack is dangerous, and eventually, Marcus and Lieb find themselves discussing their personal tragedies in a hospital waiting room, waiting to see if their loved one survives.

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