Talk Together
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Talk Together

Walking the Journey with Our Adolescent
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Tak Ananda
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This book gives insight as to how to deal with the many different challenges that parents face as their child moves into the adolescent phase of development. Such challenges include teenage defiance, family discord and family disconnection, teenage anger, cyberbullying, drugs and alcohol, and mental instability. The author employs the concept of influence rather than control, purposeful direction rather than rigidity, and expansion rather than contraction. The book discards the concept of self-worth as a means to encourage. Rather, a different dialogue is used to encourage, guide and motivate. Ultimately by changing the dialogue itpromotes individuality and autonomy and, harmony and connection.

The aim here is to harness a young persons innate gifts and to promote personal qualities. As parents reflect in the change in dialogue, what unfolds is a movement towards being real, being authentic, and being true to themselves. The presence of this awareness raises their level of consciousness, and what arises is a way of being that aligns more with the universal principles of love, peace, compassion, and harmony.

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