Sarah’S Adventures the Special Tree and Its Secrets
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Sarah’S Adventures the Special Tree and Its Secrets

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Patricia Martin
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This is a delightful, enchanting childrens book filled with humour, fun, and adventure!
Sarah, an only child without a mother, finds new friends and discovers a very special tree that adds new meaning to her life. She is confronted with challenges on her adventure and discovers strength inside her she didnt know she had.

The book captures the heart with hope, and with faith in oneself and life. Through adversity she and her friends find inner strength and a belief that spurs them on to a positive outcome.

It is a lovely story about the fairy world, about belief in angels and nature, and about teaching how real these beings are in our lives if we just look inside ourselves. The unique, special tree that the children, especially Sarah, have a strong connection with gives them purpose.

The love of nature will touch readers very being as they embrace the wonders of this tree.

If only we believe, the world will be a better place. A lesson that is pure simplicity! Pure magic!

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