Diabetic Daisy Starts School
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Diabetic Daisy Starts School

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Sarah Louise
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Diabetic Daisy is a fictional character created for children with type-1 diabetes. Daisy proves to people that even though she has diabetes, she can still do the things that other people do. With a little help from her finger prick, monitor, insulin injections, her favourite teddy bear, Nelson, and her friends, Daisy gets through starting school, swimming lessons, ballet, sick days, birthday parties, and more, all with happy endings.
Let Daisy take your child on a journey of positives, showing that life can be so much more than just diabetes.

More Diabetic Daisy stories are coming soon!
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Diabetic Daisy and Her Birthday Party
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Diabetic Daisy is a six year-old-girl who has just started school. Ten months ago, she learnt that she has type-1 diabetes. Today, she works with her mum, her teachers, and her friends to face the daily challenges of checking blood-sugar levels, eating right, and treating hypo in the school environment.

Emily, Jane, and Rosie, her new friends, help Daisy feel better about her diabetes. Her favourite diabetic teddy bear, Nelson, helps too! Join Daisy on her adventure through school, as she shows people that life is much bigger than just having diabetes.

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