Odyssey in Space
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Odyssey in Space

A Long Journey Full of Adventures Featuring Omsoc & Etnorb
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Gino Gammaldi
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Odyssey in Space follows two characters from Gammaldis previous books named Cosmo and Bronte. But, within this narrative, Cosmo and Bronte take on new identities as their own alter egos, Omsoc and Etnorb. Omsoc and Etnorb are fearless dogooders who take young readers along for a journey of goodwill and mystery in sectors of the universe yet uncharted.Our two travelers are called upon to assist two alien races in their defence against a very formidable opponent who is determined to change their very existence forever. Forsaking any potential danger to themselves, our two intrepid astronauts manage to achieve a victory, for the two alien races, beyond any expectation Gammaldi says. Their mission is completely altruistic and it is their special training in the astronaut program that qualifies them fully for what must be achieved. They have the skills needed to diplomatically enlist the help of other alien races and to allay the fears of those worlds beset upon by the evil assailants.
Gammaldis book presents its main characters as real-life heroes who brave the darkest reaches of space in an effort to protect the universe from evil. Odyssey in Space offers young readers a platform for imagination and goal-setting something Gammaldi sees as directly related to the childhood development process.

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