Skippy’S Favourite Honey
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Skippy’S Favourite Honey

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Anthony Rebuck
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Imagine if you couldnt find the food you liked most in the world. How would you feel? What would you do to get that thing you love?
That is Skippys problem in Skippys Favourite Honey. Author Anthony Rebuck tells the story of the little kangaroo who lives in Australia. Unfortunately, all the stores there are out of the best honey in the world. When Skippy discovers it comes from Guatemala, shes off on her search. And when shes disappointed again, Skippy is off to England. Fat Fred has what shes been looking for, but thats not all. Shes got a surprise for everyone back in Australia.

Beautifully illustrated by Crock Plagerson, Skippys Favourite Honey is a fun book for children between the ages of four and eight. Its a story of adventure and surprise.

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