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Autor: Luke Denis
ISBN-13: 9781524582524
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Seiten: 454
Sprache: Englisch
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The Freedom Handbook

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SHOCKING, BEAUTIFUL, PROVOCATIVE and WILDA big, bold manifesto covering most of our world's issues, this message feels good and positive overall because it's stacked with solutions that sandwich all problems.
It reads easily and surprisingly quickly, yet it constantly challenges you and evokes a wide range of powerful emotion. Recognizing the enormous task of changing beliefs, you feel supported at times through a wild journey and the chapter A Whole World's Dark Night of the Soul offers solid footing in scary territory.
This is an impassioned guide to breaking the chains that hold humanity back and an insightful, inciting examination of the juxtaposition between mankind's infinite potential and the limitations imposed by the plutocracy that will leave you vibrating with excitement!

Refreshingly principled non partisan look at politics and the world
Our future is our choice. Orwellian squared or freedom.
This handbook ignores the rabbit holes and evidences just
how moot most of these issues truly are. Taking out the trash
from our conversations allows us to focus on the core issues.
Socialists, libertarians, anarchists, and fans of democracy alike
can all find common ground and answers to valid concerns in this
strikingly straightforward set of ideas and strategy.

Packing a lot of sense, punch and power to help freedom gain more ground and all of humanity to live happier, healthier lives, The Freedom Handbook also provides fascinating insight into the ideas and thinking of two of today's newest and loudest voices for freedom Luke Denis and Chris Hampton, co-founders of the new controversial media channel Incite Insight.

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Autor: Luke Denis
ISBN-13 :: 9781524582524
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Verlag: Xlibris US
Seiten: 454
Sprache: Englisch
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