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Autor: Mira N. Lazarevic Ph.D.
ISBN-13: 9781524612962
Einband: Ebook
Seiten: 360
Sprache: Englisch
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Woman Without a Country

Finding Sacred Space
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The reader takes a death-defying journey with a woman whose life is torn apart by two wars, assassinations, and loss of home, family, country, and identity. She is welcomed to safety in another land, but at a high priceyears of torturous sexual abuse and suicidal depression, and loss of faith in God and in her adopted home. Just as she gives up, a miraculous cure intervenesshe recovers her identity, the truth of her origins. Transformed, she lives as an enlightened being, but without a home.This unprecedented pilgrimagea search for healing and identityrecounted in this book can be considered a search for truth. Why? Because knowing ones True Self is the ultimate healer. The Buddha stated this principle as dhamma, a law of nature. Living in truth is living with full awareness of the miracle of lifeall life. This is it.
Miras journey out of the madness of destruction and serious mental illness demonstrates how creativity, Yoga, meditation devoted to self-inquiry lead to self-knowledge, strengthen intuition, bring one to eternal essence or universal intelligence. Specifically, combined with breathwork, intentional meditation can provide self-healing, manifestation, pain elimination, and guide to self-realization.

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Autor: Mira N. Lazarevic Ph.D.
ISBN-13 :: 9781524612962
ISBN: 1524612960
Verlag: AuthorHouse
Seiten: 360
Sprache: Englisch
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