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Resident-Owned Community Guide for Florida Cooperatives

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A helpful and practical tool for leaders of residential cooperatives in Florida. It is the only complete guide to their operations and management, and it gives special attention to the unique components of mobile home cooperatives.
Introduction1 THE COOPERATIVE AND THE COOPERATIVE DOCUMENTS1.1 History1.2 Cooperative Concept1.3 Understanding the Parts1.4 Compromise and the Common Scheme1.5 Unit and the Unit Owner1.6 Common Areas and Appurtenances1.7 Association1.8 Assessments1.9 Democratic Sub-Society1.10 Covenants Running with the Land1.11 Prospectus1.12 Cooperative Documents1.13 Articles of Incorporation1.14 Bylaws1.15 Rules and Regulations1.16 Policy Statements and Resolutions of Procedure1.17 Priority and Consistency of Documents2 MOBILE HOMEOWNERS’ ASSOCIATIONS AND MOBILE HOME COOPERATIVES2.1 General2.2 Mobile Homeowners’ Association2.3 Creating the Mobile Homeowners’ Association2.4 Operating the Mobile Homeowners’ Association2.5 Option to Purchase the Mobile Home Park2.6 Acquisition and Conversion of the Park Property2.7 Mobile Home Cooperative2.8 Renters in a Mobile Home Cooperative3. THE COOPERATIVE ACT AND THE LAW GOVERNING COOPERATIVES3.1 General3.2 Cooperative Act—Part I3.3 Cooperative Act—Part II3.4 Cooperative Act—Part III3.5 Cooperative Act—Part IV3.6 Cooperative Act—Part V3.7 Cooperative Act—Part VI3.8 Chapter 723—Florida Mobile Home Act3.9 Chapter 617, F.S.—Florida Not for Profit Corporation Act3.10 Florida Administrative Code3.11 Chapter 120, F.S.—Administrative Procedure Act3.12 Chapter 119, F.S.—Public Records3.13 Residential Manager’s Law3.14 Penny-ante Gambling and Bingo3.15 Constitutional Provisions3.16 County and Municipal Ordinances3.17 Administrative Decisions3.18 Judicial Decisions and Precedents3.19 Priority of the Law3.20 Application and Interpretation of the Law3.21 The Legal Advisor4 MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS: PRACTICE AND PROCEDURES4.1 General4.2 Annual and Regular Meetings4.3 Special Meetings4.4 Proof of Notice4.5 Posting of Notice4.6 Content of Meeting Notice4.7 Time of Notice4.8 Notices for Board Elections4.9 Agenda4.10 Proxies4.11 Voting Certificate4.12 Check-In Procedures4.13 Presiding Officer Selection4.14 Pre-Meeting Preparations4.15 Ballot Preparations4.16 Ballots for Board Elections4.17 Voting4.18 Vote Tabulations4.19 Conducting the Meeting4.20 Reports4.21 Unfinished Business4.22 New Business and General Discussion4.23 Adjournment4.24 Minutes4.25 Election Records5 THE BOARD OF ADMINISTRATION AND MEETINGS OF THE BOARD5.1 General5.2 Developer Board Members5.3 Transition from Developer Control5.4 Election and Selection5.5 Runoff Election5.6 Alternative Method for Election5.7 Eligibility5.8 Term5.9 Number5.10 Removal and Resignation5.11 Failure to Fill Vacancies5.12 Fiduciary Relationship5.13 Bonding and Insurance5.14 Meetings of the Board5.15 Quorum and Absent Board Members5.16 Notice to Board Members5.17 Notice to Association Members5.18 Agenda for Board Meetings5.19 Meeting Procedures5.20 Membership Participation5.21 Minutes and Records5.22 Unit Owner Directories6 OFFICERS AND COMMITTEES6.1 General6.2 Election of Officers6.3 President6.4 Secretary6.5 Treasurer6.6 Vice President6.7 Registered Agent and Office6.8 Other Officers6.9 Eligibility and Removal6.10 Fiduciary Relationship, Indemnification and Insurance6.11 Compensation6.12 Committees6.13 Nominating Committee6.14 Committee Appointments6.15 Committee Authority6.16 Committee Meetings and Minutes6.17 Committee Reports6.18 Special Councils6.19 Social Clubs7 RULES OF PROCEDURE—A SHORT-HAND GUIDE7.1 General7.2 Meeting Organization7.3 Order of Business7.4 Motions and Seconds7.5 Subsidiary and Incidental Motions7.6 Privileged and Unclassified Motions7.7 Reconsideration7.8 Priority of Motions7.9 Matters Out of Order7.10 Waiving the Rules7.11 Debate7.12 Speaking at Meetings of the Board7.13 Voting7.14 Decorum8 THE BUDGET AND FINANCIAL REPORTS8.1 General8.2 Budget for General Operations8.3 Budget for Capital Expenses and Deferred Maintenance8.4 Developing the Proposed Budget8.5 Proposed Budget and Mandatory Reserves8.6 Notice and Adoption of the Budget8.7 Reconsideration by the Membership8.8 Waiver of Mandatory Reserves8.9 Use of Reserve Funds8.10 Amending the Budget8.11 Unbudgeted Expenses8.12 Funds in Excess of Budget8.13 Annual Financial Report8.14 Financial Statements and Audit8.15 Governmental Financial Filings9 ASSESSMENTS—LEVY AND COLLECTION9.1 General9.2 Funding the Budget9.3 Allocation of Common Expenses9.4 Allocation of Expenses for Communication Services and Cable Television9.5 Allocation of Expenses for Unit Owner9.6 Special Assessments9.7 Time for Payment and Delinquency9.8 Assessment Records and Estoppel Certificate9.9 Assessment Declaration and Satisfaction9.10 Liability for Assessments9.11 Interest, Late Charges, Costs and Penalties9.12 Application of Partial Payment of Delinquent Assessment9.13 Claim of Lien9.14 Withholding Payment and Contesting the Lien9.15 Foreclosing the Lien9.16 Rights of First Mortgage Holder9.17 Developer Obligation for Assessments9.18 Rights of Association to Acquire Unit9.19 Right of Association to Collect Rents9.20 Uncollectible Assessments10 PROMULGATING RULES, AMENDING THE DOCUMENTS AND MODIFYING THE COOPERATIVE PROPERTY10.1 General10.2 Authority and Scope of Rules10.3 Review and Analysis of Documents10.4 Adopting and Amending the Rules10.5 Proposing Amendments to the Documents10.6 Format of Proposed Amendments10.7 Notice of Proposed Amendments10.8 Adopting the Amendments10.9 Recording the Amendments and Notice to Members10.10 Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation10.11 Priority of Documents10.12 “Grandfather Provisions”10.13 Material Modifications and Alterations10.14 Amendments to the Unit and the Common Elements10.15 Amendments in a Mobile Home Cooperative11 THE ASSOCIATION AUTHORITY AND RESPONSIBILITY11.1 General11.2 Management and Maintenance11.3 Contracting for Products and Services11.4 Representation of the Unit Owners11.5 Liabilities of the Association11.6 Owning and Leasing Real Property11.7 Granting and Modifying Easements11.8 Right of Access to Units11.9 Smoking and the “Clean Indoor Air Act”11.10 Keeping the Property Insured11.11 Borrowing Money11.12 Exercising All Necessary and Convenient Powers11.13 Responding to Unit Owner Inquiries11.14 Automated External Defibrillator11.15 Termination of the Condominium12 RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE UNIT OWNER12.1 Quiet Enjoyment of the Unit12.2 Use of the Common Areas12.3 Appurtenances to Unit Ownership12.4 Access to Communication Services and Cable Television12.5 Membership and Voting Rights in the Association12.6 Participation in Association Affairs12.7 Fundamental Rights and Due Process12.8 Compliance with the Covenants and Restrictions12.9 Financial Obligations12.10 Maintenance and Upkeep of the Property12.11 Alterations to the Cooperative Property12.12 Sale and Transfer of the Cooperative Parcel12.13 Transfer of Limited Common Area Use Rights12.14 Public Participation and SLAPP Suit Protection13 ENFORCING THE DOCUMENTS AND RESOLVING DISPUTES13.1 General13.2 Association’s Obligation to Enforce13.3 Unit Owner’s Right to Enforce13.4 Knowledge and Clarity of the Documents13.5 Notice of Violation and Uniform, Timely Enforcement13.6 Documenting the Violation13.7 Authority for Fines, Penalties and Suspension13.8 Formal Enforcement Actions13.9 Notice of Intended Arbitration13.10 Arbitration13.11 Voluntary Mediation13.12 Enforcement in Court13.13 Fees and Costs13.14 Upkeep of the Condominium Property13.15 Negligence by the Association13.16 Architectural Standards13.17 Sale and Transfer Approval13.18 Lease and Rental Restrictions13.19 Guest and Occupancy Restrictions13.20 Age Limitations13.21 Parking and Unauthorized Vehicles13.22 Towing of Unauthorized Vehicles13.23 Pet Restrictions13.24 Service Animals13.25 Rules and Restrictions of the Board14 DISPUTE RESOLUTION AND THE DIVISION OF FLORIDA CONDOMINIUMS, TIMESHARES, AND MOBILE HOMES14.1 General14.2 Jurisdiction of the Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares, and Mobile Homes14.3 Enforcement Actions14.4 Penalty Guidelines14.5 Declaratory Statement14.6 Ombudsman14.7 Division Educational Programs

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