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Autor: Juliana Texley
ISBN-13: 9781605545639
Einband: Ebook
Seiten: 178
Sprache: Englisch
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Teaching STEM Literacy

A Constructivist Approach for Ages 3 to 8
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Creative ideas for three-dimensional STEM learning that are developmentally appropriate and exemplified through children’s literature
Teaching STEM Literacy is comprised of ready-made, open-ended lessons reviewed and tested by teachers, which help educators integrate STEM learning into the early childhood classroom. Lessons are linked to the Next Generation Science Standards, and encourage creative ideas for three-dimensional STEM learning that are developmentally appropriate and exemplified through children's literature.

The three-dimensional STEM learning—content, concepts, and practices—comes in twelve, ready-made open-ended teaching units that make it easy to teach science and inquiry to young children. This book uses the 5E framework (engagement, exploration, explanation, elaboration, and evaluation) to cultivate children's skills of observation, questioning, and data collection by combining discovery, problem solving, and engineering solutions to authentic questions that young children might ask.

Juliana Texley holds a master's in biology and chemistry, and a PhD in curriculum development/science education from Wayne State University, and has over thirty years of teaching experience. She is a graduate-level adjunct professor specializing in educational technology and assessment, science, and science teaching at Central Michigan University and Lesley University in Massachusetts. Texley has been a National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) member for thirty years, and served as president from 2014-2015. She is on the board for Young Voices for the Planet and led the development and evaluation of online learning programs for JASON Learning.Ruth M. Ruud has over thirty-five years of teaching experience ranging from early childhood to undergraduate studies. She has a master's degree in education with additional coursework in all areas of science. A former Delta Education FOSS (Full Option Science System) consultant, Ruth currently works as an adjunct professor teaching physical geography courses at Cleveland State University. She served as president of the Pennsylvania Science Teachers Association and has chaired a number of committees of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA), is a member of the NSTA Recommends committee, and is the head reviewer for the NSTA Shell Science Lab Challenge.
Table of ContentsUnit 1: Pushes and PullsUnit 2: Falling DownUnit 3: Heavy and LightUnit 4: Rolling, Rolling, RollingUnit 5: Slipping, SlidingUnit 6: What's the Matter?Unit 7: Drop by DropUnit 8: It's In the AirUnit 9: Sun and ShadowUnit 10: Hot Stuff, Cool ScienceUnit 11: Wind and WaterUnit 12: Growing Up EngineersAppendix I: Science Books for StudentsAppendix II: Web Resources for StudentsAppendix III: Best STEM Books of 2016Appendix IV: Resources for TeachersAppendix V: Selected Standards

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Autor: Juliana Texley
ISBN-13 :: 9781605545639
ISBN: 1605545635
Verlag: Redleaf Press
Seiten: 178
Sprache: Englisch
Sonstiges: Ebook, 27,64x21,28x cm, A comprehensive tool—this book features 10 lessons on STEMAll lessons utilize the 5 Es: engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate, which is a common method used in teaching science and inquiryFun, playful, and accessible writing and format. Makes STEM easy for any teacher or caregiverSTEM is a hot topic in educationEach chapter includes a list of children's booksOpen-ended and teacher-tested lessonsThe 5E's are linked to the Next Generation Science StandardsBoth authors are big players i