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Autor: Daniel G Fischer
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From Auschwitz

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Dr. Daniel G. Fischer was a 15-year-old schoolboy in 1944 when taken from Transylvania (Hungary) and incarcerated in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. He weighed less than 60 pounds when he was liberated at Dachau 11 months later. He came to the United States, became a physician and was a board-certified family doctor until he retired. He waited until his grandchildren were old enough to read his memoir.
Isn't it odd that an old guy like me should be writing my memoirs for a four and a half year old little girl and a two and a half year old little boy?

Well it so happens that they are my grandchildren and the things I need to tell them will have to be kept until they are old enough for this conversation. I may not be here to tell them. While you are growing up, my time may be running out. I wish that the connection we have will remain with you just as the connection I had with my grandparents has remained with me all my life. I firmly believe that as long as there is one person who remembers you, you are not dead and gone forever. Perhaps I am looking for some sort of immortality. And while some of what I have to say may have to wait till after your Bat and Bar MITZVAHS, I do not wish it to remain unsaid and unknown to you.

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Autor: Daniel G Fischer
ISBN-13 :: 9781605713403
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Seiten: 54
Sprache: Englisch
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