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Neuropsychology of Everyday Functioning

The Science and Practice of Neuropsychology
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While neuropsychological testing can accurately detect cognitive deficits in persons with brain injury, the ability to reliably predict how these individuals will function in everyday life has remained elusive. This authoritative volume brings together well-known experts to present recent advances in the neuropsychological assessment of key real-world capacities: the ability to live independently, work, manage medications, and drive a car. For each of these domains, contributors describe cutting-edge tests, procedures, and interpretive strategies and examine salient theoretical and methodological issues. Chapters also review approaches for evaluating specific populations, including older adults and patients with traumatic brain injury, depression, dementia, schizophrenia, and other neurological and psychiatric disorders.
I. Assessment Concepts and Methods A. Approaches to Assessing the Relationship between Cognition and Everyday Functioning 1. Neuropsychology and the Prediction of Everyday Functioning, Thomas D. Marcotte, J. Cobb Scott, Rujvi Kamat, and Robert K. Heaton2. Understanding the Relevance of Human Factors/Ergonomics to Neuropsychology Practice and the Assessment of Everyday Functioning, Wendy A. Rogers, Andrew K. Mayer, and Cara B. Fausset3. Occupational Therapy Approach to Assessing the Relationship between Cognition and Function, Carolyn M. Baum and Noomi KatzB. Assessment of Specific Functional Abilities and Assessment Considerations 4. The Relationship between Instrumental Activities of Daily Living and Neuropsychological Performance, David Loewenstein and Amarilis Acevedo5. The Prediction of Vocational Functioning from Neuropsychological Performance, Joseph R. Sadek and Wilfred G. van Gorp6. Medication Management, Terry R. Barclay, Matthew J. Wright, and Charles H. Hinkin7. The Brain on the Road, Matthew Rizzo and Ida L. Kellison8. Considerations in the Cross-Cultural Assessment of Functional Abilities, Mariana ChernerII. Everyday Impact of Normal Aging and Neuropsychiatric Disorders 9. The Impact of Cognitive Impairments on Health-Related Quality of Life, Robert M. Kaplan, Brent T. Mausbach, Thomas D. Marcotte, and Thomas L. Patterson 10. Normal Aging and Everyday Functioning, Karlene Ball, Lesley A. Ross, and Sarah Viamonte11. Everyday Functioning in Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment, Paul Malloy and Nicole C. R. McLaughlin12. Everyday Functioning in Vascular Dementia, Robert H. Paul, Susan E. Maloney, and Patricia Boyle13. Everyday Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury, Rema A. Lillie, Kristina Kowalski, Brigitte N. Patry, Claire Sira, Holly Tuokko, and Catherine A. Mateer14. Neuropsychological Assessment and Sports-Related Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (Concussion), Mark R. Lovell and Jamie E. Pardini15. Cognitive Functioning and Everyday Tasks in Multiple Sclerosis, Peter A. Arnett and Megan M. Smith16. Everyday Impact of HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders, J. Cobb Scott and Thomas D. Marcotte17. The Influence of Depression on Cognition and Daily Functioning, David J. Moore, Suzanne Moseley, and J. Hampton Atkinson18. Cognition and Daily Functioning in Schizophrenia, Michael F. GreenFuture Directions in the Assessment of Everyday Functioning, Thomas D. Marcotte and Igor Grant

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Autor: Thomas D. Marcotte
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