Handbook of Tests and Measurement in Education and the Social Sciences
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Handbook of Tests and Measurement in Education and the Social Sciences

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Paula E. Lester
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This edition of Handbook of Tests and Measurement in Education and the Social Sciences has been expanded to include the increasing interest and need for qualitative and mixed methods research designs.
The Handbook is intended for all researchers in education and the social sciences─undergraduate students to advanced doctoral students and research faculty.

Part I provides an introduction to basic quantitative research methods, including analysis and interpretation of statistical tests associated with each method. Examples of qualitative designs and mixed methods research are also included. A chapter on measurement techniques in education and the social science is provided.

Part II of the Handbook includes over a 130 instruments organized under 40 topics, extracted from the research literature. Each instrument is discussed in detail concerning its measurement characteristics used in its development. A section also includes Instruments Available through Commercial Organizations, which provide the latest sources for teacher and principal evaluation.

New to This Edition

-Enhanced chapters concerning Quantitative research methods with analysis and interpretation of research data appropriate to each statistical test.

-Detailed chapter of measurement procedures used in instrumentation development, including the appropriate application of reliability and validity tests, item analysis, and factor analysis with analysis and interpretation of research data.

-Introduction to Qualitative research design and appropriate methods, and the application of mixed methods in research design.

-Expanded section of actual research instruments available for measurement purposes in education and social science research.

-Enhanced section including Instruments Available through Commercial Organizations. This provides the latest sources for teacher and principal evaluation.


Part I Quantitative Research and Measurement, Qualitative Research Methods

Chapter 1: Basic Quantitative Research and Statistical Procedures

Chapter 2: Multiple Regression Analysis (MR)

Chapter 3: Inferential Research Methods



Chapter 4: Measurement in Quantitative Research

Chapter 5: Examples of Measurement Procedures


Item Analysis

Factor Analysis

Chapter 6: Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research

Part II Instrument Section

Introduction to Instrument Section

Instruments Included and Reviewed



CommunicationConflictCultureDecision-MakingDogmatismEthicsHonesty/TrustInterpersonal RelationsJob CommitmentJob InvolvementJob SatisfactionLeadershipLocus of ControlMentoringMoraleMotivation/MoneyNeedsOrganizational Assessment/EffectivenessOrganizational StructureParental Involvement PoliticsPowerPrincipal EvaluationProfessional PerformanceRoleSchool BoardsSelf-ActualizationSelf-ConceptSelf-EfficacySelf-EsteemSex Roles (Gender Identification)Stress/BurnoutSupervisory/Managerial BehaviorTeacher Attitudes/BeliefsTeacher EvaluationTotal Quality Management

Instruments Available through Commercial Organizations



Author Index

Instrument Index

About the Authors

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