Capping Costs
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Capping Costs

Putting a Price Tag on School Reform
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Gerard Giordano
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Early and recent school reformers demanded greater funding. They insisted that they needed it to protect children, the economy, and the nation. This book uses the case method to analyze the budgets that they proposed, the rhetoric that they employed, and the resistance that they encountered.
Chapter 1 Preface: How Much Does Education Cost?
Chapter 2 Acknowledgement

Chapter 3 Introduction: Are Zombies Stalking Schools?

Chapter 4 Chapter 1: Do Razors Belong at School?

Chapter 5 Chapter 2: Can School Reform Be Marketed?

Chapter 6 Chapter 3: Should Schools Buy E-textbooks?

Chapter 7 Chapter 4: How Much Should Teachers Be Paid?

Chapter 8 Chapter 5: What Can Be Done With Negligible Funds?

Chapter 9 Chapter 6: Should Educators Worry About Diminishing Returns?

Chapter 10 Chapter 7: What Drives Innovators?

Chapter 11 Chapter 8: Should Schools Change Their Labor Practices?

Chapter 12 Chapter 9: Can Redundant Spending Be Worthwhile?

Chapter 13 Chapter 10: Is Educational Lobbying Amoral?

Chapter 14 Chapter 11: Do Teachers Need Special Protection?

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