Research-Based Unit and Lesson Planning
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Research-Based Unit and Lesson Planning

Maximizing Student Achievement
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Marie Menna Pagliaro
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This book presents a detailed, thorough, and comprehensive discussion of effective curriculum and instructional planning that leads to student success. Coaching rubrics facilitate implementation of the content so that teachers can improve their productivity.
By integrating the best of current research and practice in curriculum planning this book presents that comprehensive topic in a manageable form. Examples throughout are representative of different grade levels and subjects areas. It should be understood at the outset that the content offered for curriculum planning is not a rigid prescriptive formula but a careful and purposeful thought process that must be considered to obtain optimal results.

In addition to developing knowledge about curriculum and instructional planning (what teachers should know), this book offers an innovative method for translating that knowledge into performance (what teachers are able to do). Knowledge is implemented by the use of coaching rubrics, sets of criteria for developing performance. Though readers will receive a thorough background in the planning process just from the content itself, its potential will be fully realized when readers also use the coaching rubrics.
1 Learning Theory: A Foundation for Implementing All Curriculum and Instruction
2 Implementing Curriculum and Instructional Planning Skills
3 Assessment/Evaluation of Learning
4 Reviewing Unit and Lesson Planning Basics
5 Maximizing Unit Planning for Student Achievement
6 Differentiating Instruction
7 Designing Optimal Lesson Plans

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