Taoist Lessons for Educational Leaders
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Taoist Lessons for Educational Leaders

Gentle Pathways to Resolving Conflicts
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Daniel Heller
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This book explores ways in which educational leaders can apply the wisdom of the Tao in their day-to-day work in schools. It offers an alternative to the standard ways of western thinking to give the leader more possibilities when confronting a situation. We tend to value immediate and decisive action, winning, directing, and getting one’s way. Taoist Lessons for Educational Leaders offers another way of approaching the workplace. We can also value waiting and reflection before acting, seeing all participants as winners or at least no one as a loser, following as a form of leadership, and giving away some victories, as beneficial to the governance of a school. There is more than one way to “win” and more than one way assert one’s authority, as illustrated by this book.
1. Introduction

2. Chapter One: Balance

3. Chapter Two: Governance and Flexibility

4. Chapter Three: When to Act and When Not to Act

5. Chapter Four: Power Struggles and Conflicts

6. Chapter Five: Paradoxes of Leadership

7. Chapter Six: Themes and Images

8. Conclusion

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