School District Master Planning
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School District Master Planning

A Practical Guide to Demographics and Facilities Planning
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Kelley D. Carey
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What is school district master planning? This book explains how this planning is done, using a proven process, not theories. The process helps you avoid cost overruns, public outrage, repeated redistricting, and classrooms built in wrong places that all represent poor planning.
Planning tools, steps and process check lists are discussed in rich detail, using actual case studies and the planning triangle of programs, demographics and facilities. Process roles are explained for district staff, consultants, and the public at each step. Steps are clearly explained for acquiring, analyzing, and applying critical data to drive planning to redistrict, build, close, renovate or expand schools. Steps are carefully explained for developing the comprehensive master plan and getting it implemented on time and within budget.

This book pulls no punches as to what usually goes wrong and why, along with what must be done, step by step, to avoid such mistakes. It is a guide to developing a district master plan that will work out for the long term and promote public support for public education.

**Instructors, be sure to check out the practical guide's companion piece: School District Master Planning: The Teaching Supplement.**
Chapter 1 I. Planning—A Process or a Quick Fix?
Chapter 2 II. Planning Process Overview

Chapter 3 III. Elements of a Comprehensive Planning Process

Chapter 4 IV. Organizing the Planning Team

Chapter 5 V. Demographics of Students in The Context of Their Community

Chapter 6 VI. Enrollment Projections Overview

Chapter 7 VII. Projecting Student Enrollments

Chapter 8 VIII. Understanding and Using Enrollment Projections

Chapter 9 IX. School Facilities Inventory and Utilization Analysis

Chapter 10 X. School Buildings Analysis

Chapter 11 XI. Assessing Alternatives to Develop the Five Year Plan

Chapter 12 XII. The Five Year Plan Documentation

Chapter 13 XIII. From Planning to Construction—Implementing a Five Year Plan

Chapter 14 XIV. Selecting and Managing Design Professionals

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