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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

A Leadership Guide for Small School Administrators
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George Murdock
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Bigger Isn't Always Better is designed to provide a practitioner's viewpoint of the challenges and issues lacing school administrators – particularly those who work in small districts. Based upon a combination of education theory and practical applications, the book contains many real life exampleswith tips for landing a job as administrator and then making a positive and successful first impression through a deliberate entry plan. Bigger Isn't Always Better addresses both the technical aspects of an administrator’s assignment, as well as the administrator’s leading, mediating role while working with the school board, with school staff, or the school’s community. Readers will learn about a variety of potential pitfalls and situations that most new administrators face, with the benefit of learning how to over come and avoid such problems based on the author’s four decades in the profession.
Chapter One: Perpetuating Small Schools
Chapter Two: Getting (And Keeping) The Job
Chapter Three: Creating An Entry Plan
Chapter Four: Effective Leadership & Decision-Making
Chapter Five: Board—Superintendent Relations
Chapter Six: Developing An Effective Format For Board Meetings
Chapter Seven: Creating An Administrative Evaluation System
Chapter Eight: Creating An Effective Communications Program
Chapter Nine: Building A Foundation For Effective Community Relations
Chapter Ten: Building A Foundation For Effective Staff Relations
Chapter Eleven: Maintenance & Facilities
Chapter Twelve: Fiscal Management
Chapter Thirteen: Human Resources & Negotiations
Chapter Fourteen: Instructional Leadership & Student Achievement
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