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Reform Versus Dreams

Preventing Student Failure
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Rosalind LaRocque
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School change has been at center of school reform, and many schools have moved to meet the needs of students in various areas. In many instances, there has been only one addition to the school system to serve as the element of school change. Today's school communities need a deeper understanding not only of what research says about school change, but also of the specifics about how to apply the rich treasure of research available to help in their own improvement process, and Rosalind’s account addresses that need. But this is no mere academic discussion. This book is a valuable tool for effective change!

Yes, this book is here just in time. It reminds readers that student-centered approaches that include clear, achievable program goals, relevant and rigorous curriculum, post-high school goal setting, research-based instruction, a respectful and productive learning environment, and parent involvement turn reform plans into decisive actions with successful results. The lessons learned from the ’90s and lessons to be learned from this book will surely help our most challenged learners and their teachers.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1. A Call to Action
Chapter 2. A Place to Stand
Chapter 3. Fulfilling the Dream
Chapter 4. The Impact of ILT
Chapter 5. Reflections
Chapter 6. Words of Wisdom
Chapter 7 From Then to Now
Appendix A Group Expectations Letter to Parents
Appendix B Class Rules
Appendix C Weekly Attendance and Grade Report
Appendix D Parent-Educator Conference Form
Appendix E Guidance Department Collaboration
Appendix F Response From the Guidance Department
Appendix G Integrated Learning Teams
Appendix H Thank You Letter to Counselors
Appendix I Thank You Letters to Presenters
Appendix J Youth Multi-Service Center
Appendix K Extra Credit Program
Appendix L Student Evaluation Result
Appendix M Integrated Learning Teams Budget

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