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Creating Positive Images

A Guide for Young People
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Patsy Johnson Hallman
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Hallman provides information that can be useful to young people who want to build skills for social interaction.
Creating Positive Personal Images for Professional Success is a book filled with guidelines for success in both private and public life. It is directed to young adults just entering the work world as well as to people who want to move up in their chosen profession. Guidelines are provided for projecting a positive personal image, for communicating effectively in multiple ways, for maintaining positive relationships in social and professional life, and for becoming a respected professional.
Some people will need the basics which are certainly included here, but others will want to know more about how to move up in the profession in which they are already involved. That information is included as well!
Topics are specific, ranging from how to be comfortable when talking with new acquaintances, to how to respond to inappropriate language in the workplace. Other topics are more general with discussions of items ranging from the use of social media to gift-giving among colleagues. In essence the book provides guidelines for success as a professional worker.

Acknowledgments and Dedication

Unit IPersonal Image

Ch.1 Projecting a Positive Personal Image
Ch.2 Creating an Image with Clothing
Ch. 3 A Positive Image in Public Places
Ch. 4 As a Traveler
Ch. 5 At the Table
Ch. 6 As a Visitor

Unit II Effective Communication

Ch. 7 Introductions and Titles
Ch. 8 Practical Guidelines for Effective Communication
Ch. 9 Social Media

Unit III Relationships

Ch. 10 Guidelines for Relating to Others
Ch. 11 Responding to People Experiencing Life’s Major Events

Unit IV Professionalism

Ch. 12 Interview Skills
Ch. 13 The Professional at Work
`Ch. 14 Selected Professional Responsibilities
Ch. 15 Social Responsibilities at Work
Ch. 16 Growing Professionally


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