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Winds of Change

Declaring War on Education
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Darlene Leiding
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As culturally-diverse students feel trapped in failing public schools and abandoned by the system school choice offers a way out and a way up for students who have not succeeded in existing public schools. Many of the intractable problems that plague culturally diverse students are deeply rooted in the poverty, unemployment, crime, racism, and cultural differences that pervade the neighborhoods around them. Educators who work in our nation's schools represent the conscience of a society because they shape the conditions under which future generations learn about themselves and their relationships to others in the world. Educators, families and community members need to reinvigorate the language, social relations, and politics of schooling. We need to address the issues of school culture, poverty and violence. We need to look at new and future trends in education. Our goal is to achieve results. Parents, teachers and students must come together to make a difference. Ideas and people can change the course of history.
Introduction Education: Reading, Writing, and Futility
Chapter 1 Are Public Schools Hazardous to our Health? Heated Rhetoric and Force of Habit Inhibit Change
Chapter 2 School Culture: Whatever it Takes
Chapter 3 The Case Against Standardized Testing: Raising the Scores, Ruining the Schools
Chapter 4 A Tornado Brews: Who Will Save Children of Color?
Chapter 5 ELL – Portrait of a Population: How English Language Learners are Putting Schools to the Test
Chapter 6 Dangerous Schools: When Will We Stop the Violence?
Chapter 7 Children of Poverty: The Ongoing Debate
Chapter 8 Who Influences Education in America? Can Anyone?
Chapter 9 New Trends in Education: Competition, Unemployment, Digital Devices and American Education
Chapter 10 Future Trends in Education:Why Study the Future?
Chapter 11 Results Matter: The Key to Saving American Education

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