The Man Born to Be King

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Dorothy L. Sayers (1893-1957) is best known as the creator of Lord Peter Wimsey. Her blue-blooded sleuth romps cheerfully through 1920s and 1930s high society. Arguably the best of the leading "Golden Age" crime writers, Sayers was also a distinguished theologian and classical scholar whose translations of Dante are still in print today.
In twelve plays for broadcasting at monthly intervals, Dorothy L. Sayers drew on material from all four Gospels, keeping the theme of Jesus of Nazareth's divine kingship in focus throughout, while locating him firmly in the social and political context of his time. The first half cover episodes that precede the final journey to Jerusalem and the latter half primarily deal with Passion Week themes. It is the simplicity and profundity of Jesus' words in the Fourth Gospel especially that Sayers drew on in her own writing for the ""voice"" of Jesus ""on air."" The plays gave her an opportunity to explore the many gospel characters surrounding Jesus, not least that of Judas. And beyond the utter sorrow of Jesus' death, the King comes into his own in the garden of resurrection.""I am delighted at the long overdue re-publication of Dorothy L. Sayers' religious plays, which will help make these valuable texts available to the current generation. Let us hope that some theatre enthusiasts will be encouraged to re-stage them!""Suzanne Bray, Lille Catholic University""As Ann Loades makes clear in her extremely informative introduction, Dorothy L. Sayers' plays are arguably the place where she did her best theological work. The re-publication of these plays makes it possible again for this remarkable writer to have the readers she so richly deserves.""Stanley Hauerwas, Duke Divinity SchoolDorothy L. Sayers (1893-1957), born and educated in Oxford, was an accomplished novelist, poet, playwright, scholar, and Christian apologist. Along with her religious drama, her numerous writings include translations of Dante, detective stories, theological works, and studies of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

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