GED® Test Skill Builder
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GED® Test Skill Builder

Language Arts, Reading
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This book is designed by experts to help you build the skills you'll need to begin a plan of study for the Language Arts, Reading section of the new 2014 GED test. It contains complete topic coverage, helpful review practice, and proven strategiesto help you achieve your study goals and work towards preparing for success on the new 2014 GED® test
Over 700,000 people nationwide take the GED® Test each year. This preparation book is for adults who wish to undertake a program of self-study in preparation for taking the GED® Reading exam.GED® test takers are often not used to the structure of a standardized exam. This guide offers a review of all tested topics on the Reading section of the GED®, and a brush up on basic study and test-taking skills. And, since people with rusty study skills will tune out if lessons are too long, the information is presented in short chunks of instructional material followed by short quizzes to keep their attention and maximize learning.This book, perfectly geared to its audience, includes:• Study skills, learning strategies, and very basic multiple-choice test-taking strategy• 1 diagnostic test and 2 practice exams with complete answer explanations• Targeted instruction and practice based on actual past GED® tests, with passages from fiction, poetry, drama, and nonfiction• Tons of tips and strategies for quick reading and assessment of passages

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