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New Perspectives in Italian Cultural Studies

Definition, Theory, and Accented Practices
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Graziella Parati
Volume 1, The Fairleigh Dickinson University Press Series in Italian Studies
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This book on cultural studies aims to identify the status of the field in Italian cultural studies. It contains articles that will interest a variety of undergraduate and graduate classes and it is an invaluable resource for scholars of Italian studies.
New Perspectives in Italian Cultural Studies. Volume 1: Definitions, Theory, and Accented Practices is a collection of essays that identifies a number of different approaches in cultural studies and in Italian cultural studies in particular. It highlights that history of cultural studies and new developments in the field as well focuses on practicing cultural studies with essays devoted to Italian hip hop culture, postcolonial Italy and queer diaspora, Occidentalism in Japan, Italian racism and colonialism.


  1. Definitions and Theory

David Forgacs “Intellectual and Subaltern Groups between Structure and Discourse: The Difficult Politics of Cultural Studies”
Michele Cometa (Translated by Marie Orton)
Non Finito: The Form of Italian Cultural Studies”
Elena Pulcini “Community and Globalization”
Paolo Campolonghi “‘Le ceneri di Pasolini’: The Role of the Intellectuals from Nation to Alienation”
Loredana Polezzi “Polylingual Writing and the Politics of Language in Today’s Italy”
Paola Zaccaria “The Mediterranean Sea: Open Port or Border Wall?”

  1. Practice (Case Studies)

Emilio Berrocal “‘Between His Gesture and My Smile’: Hip Hop Culture in Italy through the Figure of massiccio
Derek Duncan “‘Is It Because I’m a Wop?’: Queer Diaspora and Postcolonial Italy”
Toshio Miyake “Italy Made in Japan: Occidentalism, Self-Orientalism, and Italianism in Contemporary Japan”
Alessandro Dal Lago (Translated by Marie Orton) “Italy’s Unmentionable Racism: Reflections on the Image of Foreigners in Italian Culture”
Valerie McGuire “Arcadian Histories: Italian Encounters in the Eastern Mediterranean”

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