The Jane Austen Rules

A Classic Guide to Modern Love
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SINÉAD MURPHY is an outspoken critic and feminist. She's a professor of philosophical studies at Newcastle University and the author of The Art Kettle.
A bossy but good humored dating guide for fans of Jane Austen. A whip smart young critic makes a sharp critique of modern dating guides, presenting Jane Austen's books as the antidote. The handsome package makes this the perfect gift for smart women.
What Would Jane Do?
What's a strong, independent-minded woman supposed to do in a world of insipid dating guides? Sinéad Murphy responds by asking: Who has more time-tested secrets than Jane Austen, whose novels continue to captivate us almost two hundred years later?

Whether you can recite paragraphs from Pride and Prejudice or just admired Colin Firth in his wet shirt, the romance of Jane Austen's world is one you'll never forget. Does love like that even exist today? Yes, it does . . .

If you look closely at the women of Jane Austen's books, as the witty scholar Sinéad Murphy has, you'll discover Austen's countless tips for finding the right leading man, navigating the ups and downs of courtship, and building a happy, independent life for yourself.

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