Pressing into Thin Places
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Pressing into Thin Places

Encouraging the Heart toward God
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Margaret Harrell Wills
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Pressing into Thin Places is a collection of stories from the author's personal experiences, punctuated by her poetry and infused with biblical verses and rich truths. Wills offers insight for bringing biblical truth to life, wisdom to cultivate a listening heart, encouragement for the downhearted, reassuring words for the faltering, and comfort and rest for those in any stage of their journey.
The Celts called them “Thin Places”—the experience of acute awareness of the presence of God, a fleeting moment when heaven and earth converge. In Pressing into Thin Places, Margaret Wills encourages us to be open to and aware of these momentary thin places that are part of our walk of faith. Life is neither easy nor simple. A quick survey of today’s headlines reveals that ours is a world full of hardship, grief, and pain, and it does not look to be getting any easier any time soon. Yet we do not have to despair. Instead, we should be empowered by the truth that there is a God who loves us and wants the best for us. This book encourages us to rest in this love, to seek it out, to press close to its source, to worship its giver, and to hold fast to its promises during times of sorrow.Through historical anecdotes, personal memoir, observation, prayer, and a mixture of prose and poetry, Dr. Margaret Wills allows the reader to join her on her own search for peace, hope, and meaning in the midst of loss and pain. She also encourages praise and appreciation at all times, for God’s heart toward his children is unchanging.With honest and intimate revelation, she explores the “thin places” where God’s presence is deeply felt when the veil is momentarily lifted: the storms of life, including damaged relationships, the death of a loved one, personal confusion, and gripping sorrow. Dr. Wills considers the character of God, our father and king but also the greatest servant and the wisest teacher,relating to the quiet victories and the unending challenges of everyday life. She invites you to celebrate in the struggle and ultimate triumph of faith founded in Jesus Christ, the beauty and diversity of creation, and the hope to be had in this life and the next through saving grace.

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