Value Creation
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Value Creation

Linking Information Technology and Business Strategy
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Ashu Bhatia
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In a world increasingly dependent on technology, it seems counterintuitive that businesses all over the country are slashing IT budgets, or are still reluctant to adequately invest in IT departments in the first place. Ashu Bhatia explains how IT is at the center of almost every business function, and why it is vital for every company that wishes to succeed to invest in it.
Technology. It currently drives our world, and the available resources are everchanging—which is why IT departments are becoming increasingly important to businesses of all sizes. So why are companies still so reluctant to invest adequately in IT? Why are some companies even slashing their IT budgets, when the world economy finds itself increasingly dependent on technological advancement and IT is at the center of almost every business function? The problem lies in perceived business value—something author Ashu Bhatia wishes to change. This book will demonstrate the true business value of IT. Only by promoting IT will a company truly be able to succeed, and Bhatia will show you why and how.

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